Science in the Time of COVID-19


  • Miguel Ángel Blesa Science Reviews from the end of the world


Controversy has arisen on the validity of mathematical models to describe the spread of the pandemic, on the testing procedures and the ways to achieve significant tracking of the spread of the virus, on the validity of various therapies, on the nature and performance of various vaccines, on social and political issues about lockdown policies, etc. In this issue we present just two papers, addressing the first issues in the above paragraph, mathematical models and testing strategies. They represent very thorough work that had clear application in the design of pandemic management in Argentina.

Author Biography

Miguel Ángel Blesa, Science Reviews from the end of the world

Ph D in Chemistry, La Plata University. Formerly: Chemistry Manager (Atomic Energy Commission); Federal Undersecretary of Science and Technology; Senior Researcher (CONICET); Full Professor (San Martín University); President (Argentine Associaition for the Advancement of Science). Past President, Interciencia Associaition. Member of the National Academy of Science (Córdoba), National Academy of Exact, Natural and Physical Sciences (ANCEFN) and Academy of Sciences of Latin America. TWAS Prize in Chemistry (2004). Konex Merit Diploma in Chemsitry (2003). President for Argentina in the Bilateral French Argentine Cooperation Program (ECOS-SUD). Main research interests: chemistry of metal oxide particles immersed in water; environmental chemistry.