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Vol 2 No 1: December 2020

In this opportunity we offer four reviews describing each of them several years of research work in their respective group in Argentina. All in all, the four reviews comprising this issue of Science reviews from the end of the world provide a good insight on the research being carried out in Argentina in the frontiers between biology, chemistry and physics.

Published: 2020-12-18
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Science Reviews - from the end of the world (ISSN 2683-9288) is a quarterly publication that aims at providing authoritative reviews on hot research topics developed mainly by scientists that carry out their work far away from the main centers of science. Its research reviews are short, concise, critical and easy-reading articles describing the state of the art on a chosen hot topic, with focus on the research carried out by the authors of the article. These articles are commissioned by invitation and are accessible not only to hardcore specialists, but also to a wider readership of researchers interested in learning about the state-of-the-art in the reviewed subject. The reviews cover all fields of science and are written exclusively in English. They are refereed by peers of international prestige and the evaluation process follows standard international procedures.