With more than two decades of existence, the “Encuentro de Superficies y Materiales Nanoestructurados” remains a national benchmark for the scientific and technological prowess of Argentina’s “Nano” community. The event began in 2001 at the National Atomic Energy Commission in Bariloche and developed into what it is today: on the one hand, a national gathering that brings together a wide range of disciplines to discuss and disseminate the most recent findings in nanoscience and nanotechnology; on the other hand, a place where friends and colleagues can talk freely and honestly about a wide range of topics related to research, management, transfer to industry, and education in this vibrant field of science and technology. The event took place in San Carlos de Bariloche until 2010. Following then, it was held in Córdoba (2012), Mar del Plata (2013), Bariloche (2014), Rosario (2015), Buenos Aires (2016), Bariloche (2017), La Plata (2018), Buenos Aires (2019), and Mar del Plata (virtual in 2021). The National University of Río Cuarto, along with participants from the CONICET-UNRC institutes IITEMA, IDAS, and INBIAS, organized NANO 2022 during August 9–11, 2022.

Published: 2023-11-22